5 Important Tips To Winning Your Social Security Disability (ssd) Claim

5 Important Tips To Winning Your Social Security Disability (ssd) Claim

5 Important Tips To Winning Your Social Security Disability (ssd) Claim

Social Security Disability (SSD) cases tend to be quite complex and your research may leave you with more questions than answers about the process. You may have already done some research about the process, but there are some things that you can do to help your case. It is sometimes important to get back to the basics, so here are 5 things guaranteed to help your SSD case.

1. Honesty

Honesty might seem like a simple concept with regards to your SSD case, but it is very important to the claims process. SSD cases heavily rely on medical records and medical opinions of your physician about your ability to work full-time. You should ensure that you fill out all the forms required with accurate, brief, and honest information. If your answers have any inconsistencies, the judge might have grounds for denying your claim.

2. Avoid Procrastinating

You should avoid waiting until your financial resources dwindle. Success in your SSD claim is based only on the disability as opposed to the amount of money that you have. Applications sometimes take over one year to process and even up to 2 years in case of an appeal. You don’t have to deplete all your assets to receive your Social Security Disability benefits.

3. Keep Proper Records

Medical records play a critical role in SSD cases. So, record all your medical appointments and keep all the medical receipts. Document all your disabling conditions and symptoms. All symptoms, whether psychological or physical, may be relevant to the claim. Document all the medical treatments that you have received and all the medications prescribed to you and note how successful or not each has been.

4. Involve Your Doctor

You will require copies of all relevant medical records that you can only get from your doctor. For a successful Social Security Disability claim, your doctor should provide a letter detailing how your medical conditions limit your ability to do everyday activities or return to work. Doctors are often hesitant to involve themselves with the paperwork needed for a successful claim. However, if you have an expert social security attorney he/she will ensure that your medical records are complete and clear. The information provided by your doctor has a huge impact on your claim.

5. Hire a Lawyer

Living with disability is already hard enough and attempting to navigate the SSD claims process alone is both unnecessary, ineffective, and often not cost effective. The better organized your claim is, the higher your chances of a quick, favorable decision. Representation by an attorney from the start reduces your stress levels and increases your chances of winning the highest award possible at the earliest date possible.

Navigating the social security disability claims process can be quite difficult on your own. However, it can be much easier if you have the right information and advice. The 5 tips provided here are guaranteed to increase your chances of winning your SSD case. The most important of the tips is hiring a lawyer. Here’s more info on hiring a good disability attorney; your case is sure to be much easier if you do.